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Federal Court Issues Trump’s Arrest Warrant

Reports reaching us just minutes ago says that the former president, Donald Trump has been finally served an arrest warrant by a U.S federal judge today in New York.

A U. Federal Judge has just issued a civil arrest warrant today Wednesday for Donald Trump after he failed to appear in court today regarding the life threat case on Letitia James the New York Attorney Generald – or respond to a lawsuit filed by Letitia James.

According to court documents, the judge found enough probable cause and set Trump’s bail at 10-thousand dollars.

Letitia James had filed a lawsuit for attempted murder against the former president after she received multiple death threats, which from every evidence showed they came from the former president Trump.

The New York Attorney General also filed suits against Trump’s organization and businesses, as well as his sons.

According to court records, Trump has a status conference coming up on and a pre-trial conference also.

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